New World Challenges for Academia!

New World Challenges for Academia!​

Mustafa Tuskeen

By Mustafa Tuskeen

The sheer vastness of the current academic curricula poses challenges to the educationists to provide students the practical feel and simulated experiences of the business scene to be able to perform from Day-One and take on the professional mandates of the corporate world.


Increasingly, employers today are faced with entry-level workers who lack the practical skills it takes to create, build and help sustain an information-rich business. 

Today, statistics of poor hiring numbers at Campus recruitment programs run by Corporates at Colleges bear testimony to this unbearable fact.


  1. Students do not get suitable jobs at Corporates to merit their qualifications
  2. Colleges face difficulty to place their student successfully during Campus hiring by Corporates

The Problem!

  1. Parents and students alike are losing confidence and faith in colleges providing higher education
  2. Colleges are finding it increasingly difficult to enroll students to fill their available seats
  3. Passing out Students not getting through campus placements and not qualifying for good jobs, are forced into self-employment to start small businesses for which they are not adequately equipped – academically and professionally.

The Misconception!

There is a very common misconception that if one cannot get suitably employed then he or she can start his own business.

If a student does not have the requisite skills to take up a career with an established company that has come to hire a fresher, would he or she have the required skills to start his or her own business when he or she does not even have the skills to join an established business. 

The Big Question!
Can one become a successful entrepreneur – set up his or her own business and run a successful enterprise without learning the skills and understanding the finer nuances of Entrepreneurship?

The Answer!

Go beyond academic fundamentals and include professional and vocational skills preparations, testing and assessment to prepare students for employment as well as self-employment in the dynamic information-age.

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