We at C-DET, we help clients with strategy-driven human capital solutions to drive their organization's human resource programs to align with their business vision.

Organizations that align their business vision and strategy with their organization structure, processes, people, and culture can maintain their edge in the market and achieve strategic competitive advantage.

Expert Areas

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HR Audit

Get insights into how well the organization’s HR function delivers its share of value creation while identifying areas of potential weaknesses in the human capital.

• The audit reveals the level of relevance of the HR policies as an intrinsic part of the HCM framework - its alignment with the characteristics of the Human Capital function and overall strategy of the organization, the goals and strategic direction of HR within the HCM framework

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Organizational Excellence

We collaborate with the senior management to develop a distinct HR Strategy to create a business case for HR excellence.

C-DET Organization Excellence Development solutions:

• HR Strategy, Policies, Practices

• Organizational Diagnostic Review

• Organization Cultural Review, Audit & Assessment

• Operating Model Design Plan

• HR Excellence Model Design

•Strategic workforce planning

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People Development

We provide talent Optimization services to enhance human resource performance. We do this by reviewing the current talent scenario, the skill gaps, and address the issues to assist the client in building leadership pipelines and enhancing employee engagement.

C-DET’s People Development solutions:

• Competency Charter

• Talent & Leadership Advancement

• Performance Enhancement

• Learning & Development Need-Analysis

• Career Growth planning

•Succession Planning

•Employee Engagement Programs and Reviews

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Organizational Fundamentals and Structuring

Organizations need to go beyond just making pleasant and politically correct assertions and proclamations that do not reflect the organization’s actual culture and realities.

At C-DET we help:

• Organizations to understand, review and evaluate the critical and business impacting HCM issues and assist them in communicating these to their employees and stakeholders.

• Define organizational Structure based on the framework that defines formal accountabilities, decision making authority, execution channels and reporting relationships within the organization, the organization’s culture, goals, competencies, environmental factors or a change in the corporate strategy of the organization.

• Structure / restructure your organization, its hierarchy, designations, compensation and benefits etc; with a clear focus on organizational goals and strategy as conceived while working on the fundamentals

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Recognition & Rewards

C-DET partners with the organizations to design their Talent Recognition & Rewards Strategy, Policy, and practice by designing and developing structured guidelines as per the Organizational Strategy Framework for hiring personnel.

C-DET’s R & R solutions offer :

• Comprehensive Rewards Strategy Framework Management & Implementation

• Job Evaluation & Grading Matrix

•Compensation / Benefits / Perks – Industry Benchmarking & Structuring

• Recurring Incentives and Superannuation Bonus Programs

• Business Incentive Plans