Service offerings of C-DET are supported by state-of-the-art management practice evolved over the years of success gained with large and small organisations in diverse business domains.

C-DET diverse consulting services portfolio includes information technology, manufacturing, retail-distribution, supply chain with significant successes in turning around challenged businesses into prosperous enterprises.

We'd love to do analysis of your business background and drive an action plan for your company.

Our Services

Management agility and flexibility is imperative for any organization to adjust to rapidly changing market patterns due to consistent inroads made by the competitors of the business.

Businesses are always challenged and threatened by competitive and ever evolving markets, and social changes, environmental conditions, changes in regulatory frameworks.

Many business die in the planning phase. We know how to make your business grow. CDET  puts in the fuel that the business require to keep moving and keep growing in the long run.

CDET analyses the digital requirements of its clients businesses and studies their competitors and then design the required digital strategy for the business to help them grow online.

Organizations that align their business vision and strategy with organization structure, processes, people, and culture can maintain their edge in the market and achieve strategic competitive advantage.

Empowering Businesses with Power of Communication. ​We believe in building brands by effective communication, consulting and makings those brands as our own. In a way that their vision become ours leading mutual happiness.