At C-DET we successfully balance the differing interests of the business Stakeholders on one hand and the uncompromising demands of the ever-evolving markets

Transformation without disrupting or revamping the fundamentals of the core business but extending the processes and practices.


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Business Transforamtion


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Transformation Strategy

  • Understand the business stake holders’ business values, mission, and goals.
  • Research and review the customer buying patterns
  • Review the supply chain / logistics & services platform
  • Analyse the competitive market scenario – customer / supply chain / logistic
  • Get the business stakeholders to visualize and accept the bigger better picture. 
  • Work with the business process owners to refine the current business strategies and the processes & technologies that support them. 
  • Work towards improvising and upskilling the human capital competencies to execute the refined processes successfully
Family run businesses
Transformation Strategy by C-DET

Transformation for Family run Businesses

C-DET partners with family businesses to support their initiatives to evolve themselves with the changing market scenarios – to review, revisit their long term family and business goals and strategies to maintain or get an edge in the professionally operated industry environment.

  • Identify the business long term goals and conduct a SWOT. 
  • Build strategies for putting plans into action after exhaustive analysis of information. 
  • Review current operating parameters of the business and implement changes in operating procedures that will increase the ROI for the business.
  • Explore options that are available for improving the health of the business, both internally as well as in the marketplace.