Reduce the risk of being Edged out and enter new Markets

To drive growth of your existing portfolios and attain the end goal of expanding your business reach through business diversification.


Our Consultant’s deep experiences with multiple businesses having worked with them closely through the entire cycle of their diversification program in diverse industries enables us to quickly and comprehensively transfer our knowledge and expertise and helping the client to consolidate and attain a formidable position against the competitive forces in the new field within reasonable time.

Where do we fit

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Manage human capital

Business Transformation , Marketing

Manage Effect on the present business

Business Transforamtion

Manage New Brand Identity

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Manage New Competition

How can this be achieved?

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Business Assessments

Do due diligence to define your core differentiators with the competitors. Create short-term action plans to kick-start the business and get it off the ground. Prepare long term high level MBO (Management By Objective) strategies for planned sustenance, business consolidation and sustained profitable growth.

Business Diversification by C-DET

Deployment of Short-term Action Plans

Drawing up the short-term business goals and converting them to tangible and achievable targets with comprehensive accountability to ensure timely execution to help in diversification with predefined outcome.

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Advancement and Growth

Setting up a schematic process framework to engineer the manpower and material resources to help ramp up the performance and capabilities of all functions of the business. In doing so, helping them to diversify and also keep ahead of the competition thus enabling them to deliver state-of-art quality products and / or services thus optimizing sales, consequent market share, and leadership.

Diversification - CDET

Cost co-efficiency and Revenue Optimization

Achieving operational efficiency, minimizing non-revenue-impacting expenses in areas of human capital, within the operating functions of the business by reviewing and mending current processes and evolving new ones to enhance manpower and material resource productivity and deliver cost efficient business results.

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