CDET is a Management Consulting Firm Focused on Creating Actionable Plans for Corporate, Family-run Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Collaborate and work with industry experts to set clear actionable plans and create growth opportunities with C-DET.

Our Philosophy

Companies that keep evolving with changing markets trends and focus on transforming processes while engaging & developing their workforce to remain agile, flexible, and innovative are able to achieve sustainable high performance and remain competitive in ever-evolving business environment.

Mustafa Tuskeen

Mustafa Tuskeen heads the consulting practices at C-DET. He has helped clients to achieve significantly increased profitability through implementation of “LEAN MANAGEMENT” practices; lower operating and overhead costs leading to operational improvements, increased sales, greater output at lower capital expenditure

C-DET help you take critical business decisions with our strategic management expertise. out collaborative model helps you get deeper insights about your environment turning your business problems into actionable plans.

We help you create, develop and improve entrepreneurial ability of individual conferencing, workshops, business platforms and work groups.


We wish to empower businesses in a way that they are not just Digital ready but also communicate effectively..

We believe in building brands by effective communication and makings those brands as our own. In a way that their vision become ours leading to a mutual happiness.